Mainstreet SA has a new logo

Mainstreet SA has endorsed a new Stategic Plan and adopted a new logo that you'll see progressively rolloed out over the remainder of the year.  Algo Mas Graphic Designer Ryan Smith outlined the logo influences as follows:

“The new Mainstreet SA logo is designed to reflect the diversity and range of sectors that make a mainstreet great, and the diversity of people and organisations Mainstreet SA represent. This is achieved through the use of different colours coming together to form the street sign shape around the Mainstreet SA word mark. The logo shape also references a speech bubble to represent Mainstreet SA’s role in communicating knowledge and information, and in providing a communication link between people working in, and with, mainstreets.”

We think Ryan and the team at Algo Mas have done a stellar job! Watch out for a brand new website featuring this new design direction very soon.