2018 People’s Choice Nominees

Mainstreets and town centres, by their very nature, are all unique. In a world that seems to increasingly tend towards standardisation and homogenisation, this variety is what makes the mainstreet experience so refreshing.

This year there are 4 mainstreets and town centres in the running for the coveted People's Choice Award. Each of our vastly different nominees has its own unique style and offering, and they are all a testament to the variety and personality to be found in mainstreets and town centres all around South Australia. Before you cast your vote for the 2018 People's Choice Award read on for summaries about each of the nominees. When you are ready to vote CLICK HERE.

Goodwood Road

Goodwood Road epitomises all that is great about a vibrant business community, much loved by those who live and visit the area, along with those who work in its very varied mix of mainly family owned small businesses. Cafes and restaurants, retail shops, health and beauty services, homewares and finance all feature on Goodwood Road, along with the iconic Capri Theatre, and the ever popular "The Goody" Hotel. Quirky artwork and innovative "welcome mats" embedded in the sidestreets leading to the road are features which help make #goodyroad alive and vibrant.


Prospect Road

Prospect Road, known for its creative art scene and indie sensibility, is now becoming a great lifestyle and entertainment mainstreet. The introduction of the Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas has injected a visible buzz and vibrancy into the local economy. Experience fine dining, cafe culture, a contemporary lifestyle, boutique shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and street art. Visit Prospect Road for a Muratti cake, weekend outfit, latte, or boutique cinema experience. Discover the unusual and quirky in the heart of Prospect. Discover more on Prospect Road.


Stirling Adelaide Hills

Stirling is blessed with a winning combination of leafy village setting and real community feel. It is home to quality independent boutique stores that are located in an ever-changing seasonal streetscape, making it a delight to visit all year round. Stirling hosts quality events such as the Stirling Market, Stirling Laneways and Stirling Fringe and is a beacon for people heading up to the Adelaide Hills on the weekend. Stirling is also a welcoming place for locals to get the things they need from friendly people they know.


Victor Harbor Mainstreet

In the heart of the beautiful seaside town of Victor Harbor you will find a mainstreet that has it all…shopping, coffee, dining, services, entertainment, accommodation, events, art and historic buildings. Visitors love it for the relaxed atmosphere where they get to explore, shop and eat. The locals will tell you it’s the place where they meet friends for a coffee, catch a movie, enjoy a meal with the family and can find the perfect gift for all occasions.