2017 Outstanding Contribution Award Winner

Ashley Tippins

Ashley can best be described as tireless, enabling, committed and professional. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience garnered over a wide ranging and varied career which she is willing to share with whoever she works with, including those volunteering to work at events.  Her problem solving skills are second to none and there doesn’t seem to be a problem that she is unwilling, or unable to resolve under pressure.  She is a go-to person willing lend a hand, or two, to get the job done.

She has given countless hours as a volunteer – time given to perform various roles including holding two executive positions on the Semaphore Fair Committee, Mainstreets SA committee, managing four different facebook pages, taking countless photographs, talking to traders and preparing numerous award submissions and funding applications.

She is considered to be an integral part of the raised profile of Semaphore Road, via the initiatives she has introduced, the success of the applications she has written, the cost efficiencies she has achieved, plus the countless hours she has given freely over the past seven years to make this all happen.