Mainstreet Rejuvenation - Catalysts, Concepts and Community

In terms of creating thriving mainstreets, successful economic development is less frequently about the ‘one big thing’ and much more likely to be about lots of small things working together. The 2018 Mainstreet SA Conference will explore mainstreet rejuvenation – the catalysts for investment, the concepts to consider when investing in mainstreets and town centres and the communities that must be included in the journey. It provides an opportunity for staff and Councillors to be inspired by international keynote speakers, gain insights from experts, learn the lessons from other successful mainstreet initiatives and see rejuvenation first-hand on the streets in Port Pirie.

The 2018 Mainstreet SA Conference program is spread over two days to allow travel time to and from Port Pirie. The first session starts at 11.30am on Thursday 10th May, and the final session concludes at 3.00pm on Friday 11th May.

The carefully curated two-day program provides mainstreet practitioners with arguably the best professional development opportunity for 2018.

Amongst a full program of presentations on a broad range of topics, here are some of the 2018 Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote speaker: Matt Wagner from Mainstreet America. Matt will take us through the Main Street Approach – a tried and tested framework adopted by over 2,000 American mainstreets in the past 40 years that offers practical community-based revitalisation initiatives that are tailored to local conditions. With many similar challenges and opportunities for American and Australian mainstreets and town centres, there is much to be gleaned from the American model.
  • Keynote speaker: Daniel Lim from Think City, Malaysia. Daniel has successfully managed urban regeneration projects in the world heritage zone of George Town, Malaysia, that have given the physical heritage a facelift while still keeping the living heritage – the artisans and the businesses in the area – thriving and a source of pride for the community. Daniel’s focus in these projects is the engagement of the community, who are considered instrumental in keeping the revitalised places alive and ensuring their long-term sustainability.
  • Keynote speaker: Cecilia Woolford from the Outback Communities Authority. As a farmer and pastoralist near Kimba, Cecilia knows a thing or two about ‘the bush’. As Chair of the Outback Communities Authority, Cecilia heads an organisation that exists to empower remote communities and provide ongoing support in terms of directing resources towards services and infrastructure in outback areas. Cecilia has also been a past Chair of the Andamooka Town Management Committee and has a strong focus on community involvement in decision making. Cecilia will provide insights into the outside of the square thinking that is often required when managing and promoting improvements in public services and facilities.
  • Panel Discussion: Landlords Forum. Mayor of City of Prospect, President of the Australian Local Government Association and former Port Pirie resident, David O’Loughlin, will host a panel discussion around the role of property owners in mainstreets, including debate on the concepts of incentives, concessions and impositions, the emergence of new forms of short-term leasings, co-working spaces and other progressive approaches to property management.
  • Walking tours: CBD Precinct and Foreshore Precinct. Nothing beats seeing a project first hand with interpretation provided by project leaders. Delegates will participate in two walking tours of Port Pirie including the revitalised CBD precinct and the upgraded foreshore, to learn more about the planning, design and execution of these exciting transformations.

Reasons why you should register:

  • Come See Change in Port Pirie - be inspired by the investment that has taken place in Port Pirie and the transformational effect this is having on this regional city;
  • Gain an international perspective - listen to presentations by experienced international keynote speakers;
  • Discover and learn from initiatives and case studies from all around the state;
  • Participate in a panel discussion;
  • Network with your peers;
  • Enjoy some Port Pirie food, wine and hospitality!

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Mainstreet SA Conference 2018 Program

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