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Adelaide Night Market - Brian Lew

The Adelaide Night Market is a seasonal monthly Sunday markets located at Prince Henry Garden on North Terrace during daylight saving months.

The night market predominately showcases some of the best multicultural hawker food the city has to offer, alongside an array of artisan, jewellery, clothing, cultural goods and local gourmet produce.

The night market is a destination for family and friends gathering.

The market site has many built in benches and beautifully maintained lawn for sitting. This has created a relaxed atmosphere where visitors to enjoy live music, entertainment, delicious food and drinks and artisan shopping.

Key Partners Involved:

Adelaide Fringe – collaboratively produce Adelaide Night Market on Fringe Parade Fringe artists – perform at the night market Adelaide City Council – to ensure all event planning are within the council requirements, and cross promotional events.

North Terrace cultural institutions – co-promote events all year round Stallholders – main source of income, provide start-up advice, products and sales technique.

Non-for-profit community organisations – encourage participation and provide complimentary space Tourism organisations - update information of current event Media – advertise on messengers, on radio whenever possible.


Back in 2012, a casual conversation started with friends about under-utilised public spaces in Adelaide and what could be done about them. Instead of sitting back, I talked to Splash Adelaide in the Adelaide City Council, which partners and co-creates with the community to bring streets and public spaces to life through series of activations, events and projects.

I saw the opportunity and proposed my city night market idea to Splash Adelaide and it was accepted. Although without prior experience in event management or any prior stakeholder contacts, I managed to deliver the first ever Adelaide Night Market on December 2012 by myself, just two months after my initial proposal.

Adelaide Night Market creates a real sense of community by bringing together people from a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds, in the one place, united by a love of food and a chance to meet people of different cultural backgrounds and improve their understanding of different cultures. This aspect makes the Adelaide Night Market quite distinct from other markets in Adelaide.

After successfully running four seasons of night markets on North Terrace since 2012, a partnership with Adelaide Fringe was formed when the Fringe Parade moved to North Terrace in 2016. The inaugural Adelaide Night Market on Fringe Parade was on 13 February 2016, followed by 18 February 2017.


Adelaide Night Market differentiates itself to fill a market gap by predominately focusing on street food offering and promotes multicultural and diversity community through food.

Visions of the Adelaide Night Market include the following:

  • City activation on Sunday early evening (4pm-8pm) in public realm by bringing people to the city and encouraging people who are already in the city to stay longer.
  • A platform for local home-based businesses to showcase their

products and to encourage entrepreneurships and business opportunities.

  • Financial sustainable through stallholders and visitor growth.
  • Simplify stallholders' application process and paperless administration.


To achieve the business vision for the Adelaide Night Market, I practise the followings:

  • To ensure the markets logistics are smooth and well run for stall-holders
  • Listen to stall-holders’ feedback and address the feedback, take action immediately whenever possible or practical
  • Excellent customer service and build good working relationship with stall-holders
  • To have successful marketing strategies to attract the target market to come and spend at the markets.
  • Introduce more engaging activities for the market visitors.

To ensure that the market provides a good experience for both stall-holders and visitors alike, I take care in the selection of stall-holders to ensure variety, positioning of the stalls to minimise direct competition for stalls of similar type, and provide active guidance to stall-holders about providing consistent information, as well as tips on stall presentation, product selection, pricing and so on.

Marketing and promotion are important to attract more people to visit the market. One of the successful marketing strategies is giveaway via social media. Some of the facebook engagement generates over 300% increase likes and engagement as opposed to regular posts.

On top of my fulltime job, I work part time on this event by myself to manage all the event planning, stallholder bookings, budget and marketing resources, stakeholders and community consultation, research on implement simpler administration process. On the market day, my partner volunteers to assist me in coordinating the market logistic operations. I also have two casual staff to assist me on the market day.

With a relatively low budget, the night market contributes significantly to the North Terrace location and broader North Terrace precinct, transforming it from a place that people walk through or past, to a destination that people visit in its own right. Despite significant investment in amenity and infrastructure over the last decade, the Prince Henry Gardens section of North Terrace remains a significantly under- utilised space, particularly on Sunday evenings when the market is not operating.

As an attraction for tourists and visitors to Adelaide, the strategic location right in the city and close to many hotels offers something to do on a Sunday late afternoon/night and provides alternative food options. The night market adds vibrancy to the city and also enhances the city experience of people who might have come for another purpose, such as shopping or a visit to the North Terrace cultural institutions.


With the partnership with Adelaide Fringe to collaboratively run the Adelaide Night Market alongside with Fringe Parade 2016-17, it attracted a record-breaking attendance of over 75,000 on that evening.

The positive direct sales made by stallholders also encouraging them keep coming back to trade at the night markets. Total economic value generated (direct sales + indirect sales + induced sales) to the South Australia economy in 2016-17 was $446, 000.

Numbers of stallholders have grown by 5% compared to previous year.

The night market complements local businesses and enhances city vibrancy. The food stalls do not compete with local bricks and mortar establishments, which are generally closed on Sunday evenings. The market is curated, and stallholders are carefully selected to ensure variety and products that suit the target market and no duplication.

I have investigated and established a simpler online stallholder application process where it reduces paper administration.

Community engagement has also increased with the participation (complimentary market space) from non-for-profit organisations.

The Adelaide Night Market has been one of the stand-out events in the Adelaide City Council’s Splash initiative. In 2015, Adelaide Night Market was awarded The City award for the best event in the Splash Adelaide category (determined via popular vote and an independent judging panel).

“The atmosphere was awesome, also it was something else that could be done on a Sunday night as most things aren’t open! Great job!” Market visitor