2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

In 2017 Mainstreet SA introduced a Hall of Fame for the Mainstreet SA Awards. The Hall of Fame Award recognises previous excellence in Mainstreet SA Awards, as demonstrated by winning an award category for two consecutive years. Entry into the Hall of Fame is automatically bestowed by Mainstreet SA, and in 2017 five recipients were inducted dating back to the inception of the Mainstreet SA Awards in 2011.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame Rundle Street, Semaphore Road, the SA Truck and Ute Show at Mannum, McLaren Vale Vintage and Classic and Victor Harbor.

Rundle Street

Winner of the People’s Choice Award in 2012 and 2013.

Rundle Street is the heart beat of Adelaide’s ever popular cosmopolitan East End District. This vibrant and eclectic City boulevard lives and breathes historic charm with modern sophistication and amenity.

In Rundle Street you’ll discover the very best in cutting-edge fashion stores and leading designer labels, funky gifts, home wares, jewellery, accessories and much, much more.  Plus, it’s a place to be tantalised all year round by some of Adelaide’s best known cafes, restaurants and wine bars, most of which offer outstanding outdoor alfresco dining. Rundle Street is truly one of Adelaide’s favourite hot spots for locals and tourists alike.

Semaphore Road

Winner of the People’s Choice Award in 2016 and 2014 (consecutive Awards)

Semaphore’s white sands, family-friendly shallows and colourful foreshore make for a classic Adelaide beach escape.

Semaphore Road – one of Adelaide’s widest boulevards – is perpetually perfecting its popular blend of seaside destination, shops, restaurants, cafes, events, history and community. Semaphore Road has developed strong community support as demonstrated by its consecutive wins as the People’s Choice in the Mainstreet SA Awards. and the loyalty demonstrated by voters was very evident during the People’s Choice voting process.

People’s Choice voter Deborah summed it up:

“You can park your car and do all your shopping or you can walk down and enjoy the social life. There is also always something to do and see. Always a function or festival. But my favourite just lately is the trees in the middle. In summer they give the entire strip shade to eat your fish and chips,” Deborah

SA Truck and Ute Show at Mannum

Winner of an Events Award in 2016 and 2014 (consecutive Awards)

Mannum’s mainstreet comes alive with over 80 giants of chrome and colour at the annual SA Truck and Ute Show.  Now a signature event for the region the truck and ute show concept is unique to SA. Visitors are transported into a surreal and exciting mainstreet walk as they stroll down the centre of Randell Street surrounded by giant trucks towering above them.

The event empowers community and business involvement and promotes the beauty and uniqueness of Mannum’s riverside mainstreet in the national arena.

Widespread involvement from the community is a cornerstone of the event’s success, and the camaraderie that has evolved between the mainstreet businesses and community groups working towards a common goal has set a positive pathway for future events in the township and mainstreet. Plus, the event makes a profit and this is re-invested into community projects.

McLaren Vale Vintage and Classic

Winner of an Events Award in 2013 and 2014

The McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic is a family day celebration of vintage and classic motoring. A fantastic mix of food, wine, music and the arts together with the energy and passion of motoring enthusiasts. It offers the visitor exquisite tastes of the McLaren Vale region’s world-class wines, tantalising gourmet food and classic motor vehicles of a by-gone era.

The organising committee has reliably delivered an event that meets its objectives and strategies which include promotion of the McLaren Vale region and an increase in visitation during the event. McLaren Vale is now fully-booked over the Vintage & Classic weekend and restaurants and cellar doors experience a dramatic spike in trade. The Mainstreet SA Awards judges were consistently impressed with the quality of this event and its ability to be self-funding.




Victor Harbor

Winner of Best Regional Mainstreet Award in 2016 and 2014 (consecutive Awards)

For over 100 years Victor Harbor has been South Australia’s most visited and most famous seaside destination, with day-trippers and holiday makers wandering across the causeway to Granite Island followed by a trip up the mainstreet for a visit to the lolly shop, fish and chips or afternoon tea and a meaner around the shops.

Victor Harbor is blessed with a mainstreet precinct full of historical charm, complete with a sea breeze at its feet and encompassing the lovely green town square that is Warland Reserve, where many great events are held throughout the year.

Victor Harbor has demonstrated a commitment to developing and nurturing its tourism trade, all whilst providing a supported mainstreet environment for traders and engaging the local community in their mainstreet activities.  With a new mainstreet precinct now unveiled, Victor Harbor is well-placed to deliver an excellent mainstreet experience to both locals and visitors for many decades to come.