2017 Best Market and/or Street Activation Award Winner (joint)

The Goodwood Road Fence Art Project

The Goodwood Fence Art Project - a regularly changing installation on the Goodwood Primary School Fence, facing Goodwood Road, is a project of the Goodwood Road Business Association. It was conceived to enliven the road and interest the community with a variety of relevant and engaging themed installations.

Key Partners Involved:

  • Goodwood Road Business Association
  • Goodwood Primary School
  • St Thomas School
  • Community Artist John Denlay (aka Aiyudot Khom) Goodwood Road Businesses City of Unley


GRBA sought a visual activation project which would

  • reflect and underline the area’s “Alive and Vibrant” slogan
  • appeal to the local community and visitors alike
  • create extra awareness of the Road
  • provide a positive experience during the difficulties of the recently finished road upgrade project
  • offer an opportunity to involve the community, the School and member businesses.

The Goodwood Primary School fence with its high visibility in and to the core area of the Road and passing foot and road traffic, and its accessibility, was identified as the ideal location.

The School was very enthusiastic about the concept, and a very positive relationship with the Staff and Students has been fostered.

Discussions were held with Community Artist John Denlay who subsequently created the initial installation and who has continued to work on the project.

While the work is usually “non-commercial” in nature, it has on two occasions marked a significant event for individual Business Association members – the Capri Theatre’s 75th birthday, and the Goodwood Bakehouse’s 21st Birthday. This collaboration with businesses has also fostered very positive relationships.

The community reaction to the project has been remarkable. Not only does John tell us of positive and happy conversations with passers-by while installing, anecdotally it seems the community feels a great sense of pride and ownership with its engaging and ongoing nature. The School also reports very positive and enthusiastic comments, and the Association receives great feedback when images of the fence appear on Social Media.


Create a regular, relevant and visually interesting activation Manage the project cost effectively Engage with and involve key stakeholders by creating designs with which they could become involved Promote local businesses when possible and appropriate Create a talking point for Goodwood Road, especially during the road redevelopment Attract interest in our Road - the installations always featured on our Social Media channels, with great engagement results


A budget for the installations is included in GRBA’s annual budget.

A plan for 5 – 6 installations is prepared for each year, with the timing revolving around the season/relevant events/road happenings. eg Back to School, Anzac Day, Mother’s Day, SALA on Goodwood Road.

In consultation with the Road Coordinator, concepts and a quote are prepared by John Denlay for each installation and submitted for approval by the School and the GRBA Committee.

Considerations include

  • visual appeal
  • suitability for the unique character of our Road and area
  • relevance to the time of year/events/road happenings
  • practicality
  • opportunity for community/business engagement
  • budget

GRBA has a limited annual budget and the cost of this ongoing project was a significant consideration in the initial stages. However, it has become such an entrenched and appreciated feature of the Road that the value it delivers far exceeds its cost.

On several occasions (but not for cost consideration), the children from St Thomas and Goodwood Road Primary Schools have created the elements and this has enabled the allocated funding to spread a little further.

Artist John Denlay is adept at sourcing materials very cost efficiently – some items – eg clothing are sourced from op shops, and materials (artificial poppies) purchased from a Road supplier for the ANZAC Day fence have been used for two years. The Goodwood Bakehouse fence was jointly funded with the Bakehouse who also supplied some materials and who received the work on its removal, for its own ongoing promotional use.

An important resource for John has been the loan of Goodwood Primary School’s ladder!

On average, each has come in on budget.

The average cost for each installation us just under $1,000.

Remarkable for a project which has had such an impact.


The GRBA Committee is extremely pleased with the ongoing success of this project, on many levels It has

  • become an integral and ongoing feature on its annual activity program
  • engaged the community to a remarkable level – there is a real sense of ownership and anticipation. From our Facebook page : Jayne Ayliffe : I am so loving the art installations on the Goodwood primary fence. Always pertinent and community feel. Thanks to whomever involved. Makes me even more prouder on the Goodwood community!!"
  • further fostered our relationship with both Goodwood Primary School and St Thomas School, with both contributing to the Christmas and SALA installations : "Goodwood Primary School and Preschool families love the engaging and vibrant displays created for the community. Students are actively involved in creating many of the displays with John, which supports their sense of pride in our wonderful village community." Cameron Bryson, Governing Council Chairperson
  • added to the alive and vibrant atmosphere of the Road
  • facilitated collaboration between the Association and Member Businesses
  • provided a positive talking point on the Road during the somewhat disruptive recent renovations
  • created great interest and engagement on our Social Media channels

“The fence art garnered lots of comments and interest for our 75th anniversary celebrations. It was a real talking point.” Rob Jordan, Manager, Capri Theatre "A wonderful project – a genuine collaboration between local traders, schools and community. Even the chats I have while installing inform future works, to the extent that people tell me the community has a deep sense of ownership of them”. John Denlay